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I am no doctor but i could be something to do with the bone in your wrist it could be something like loss of fluid from you wrist bone.

I advise you to go to a doctor and drink plenty of water.

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Q: My wrist is slightly swollen and it is painful to move or even lift a plate so what is wrong?
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Is it painful?

painful wrist

Is it painful to cut your wrist?


How long for a fracture on the wrist to heal?

3-5 days is usually enough time to heal a swollen or slightly sprained wrist.

What is a wrist plate?

A wrist plate is a swinging plate in a steam engine, bearing two or more wrists, used for operating the valves.

What is isometric?

what resistance isometric movement is common painful if strain of the wrist muscle present? what resistance isometric movement is common painful if strain of the wrist muscle present?

Why is there a painful lump above my wrist There's a painful lump above my wrist that hurts when I touch it when I extend my fingers when I roll my wrist or when I grip onto something PLEASE HELP?

If there is a painful lump above your wrist that hurts when you touch it, extend your fingers, when you roll your wrist or when you grip onto something you may have damaged a tendon or ligament. Your best bet is to talk to your health care provider for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate testing.

What syndrome occurs when that tendons of the wrist become inflammed and swollen?

Carpal Tunnel

Dislocated wrist symptoms?

I had one when I was 17. First you'd be dizzy, with the wrist plainly out of socket. You know this if the hand is moved in either up or down and swollen. I think it being swollen is the most obvious thing. The doctor will have to pull on the wrist and it was definitely an unpleasant experience. Good luck.

How painful is getting a tattoo on the wrist?

Not that painful at all. It is a tender spot, but I didn't shed a tear, and I'm a big baby. I got my first tattoo on my wrist, and it didn't stop me from wanting more.

What syndrome occurs when the tendons of the wrist become inflamed and swollen?

Carpal tunnel syndrome

What would cause painful pulling sensation when bending wrist forward?

Inflamation if it is not a sprain.

I think I've have fractured my arm it's the ulna half way between my wrist and elbow it's a bit swollen and bruised and painful if it's touched but I can move my hand and wrist please help?

See a physician.If you can move your hand and wrist, the damage probably isn't too bad (though it may still be fractured or broken). Try not to move the arm around too much to aggravate the injury and as soon as you can (immediately) see a physician.