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Not that painful at all. It is a tender spot, but I didn't shed a tear, and I'm a big baby. I got my first tattoo on my wrist, and it didn't stop me from wanting more.

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Q: How painful is getting a tattoo on the wrist?
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Is getting a tattoo on your forearm painful?

It mainly depends on your tolerance for pain, but in my experience it is not painful. I have tattoos on both forearms and wrist. 21 tattoos in all and really the only painful one was the inside of my calf

Is getting tattoos removed painful?

Getting a tattoo removed can be extremely painful ! When you get a tattoo removed it usually just leaves a scar of what the tattoo is, it's almost like getting a scarification tattoo, there is honestly no point in even getting a tattoo removed, you will still have it on your skin.

How much does it hurt to get a tattoo on your wrist or the area on the side slash back of the hand between the thumb and the wrist?

Any place containing less flab are very painful.

Is it painful?

painful wrist

Who is the celebrity who has a dove tattoo on her wrist?

Sienna Miller has a dove tattoo on her wrist.

What does a greenish dot tattoo mean?

It means that someone was too chicken to go through with getting a tattoo, and the green means that it is older than dirt. Is it on the wrist bone or on the hand? It may be a Southie or a Dorchester Dot Tattoo.

What will happen if you do get a tattoo?

you skin will feel tender after getting a tattoo. it will feel like you have a sun burn more that anything its not painful but not pleasent.

I am wondering about getting a tattoo on the underside of my left wrist and I would like to know if it could possibly damage any of the veins on my wrist.?

No you're fine. My teacher got one and she said the tattoo guy said it is not bad for you.

Is getting a tattoo on your hand painful?

Tattoos on the hands and feet are very painful because of the nerve endings present in these parts of the body. The fingers are extremely painful though!

What does pinks wrist tattoo say?

"What goes around comes around" on right wrist, "Tru Luv" on right wrist and a razor blade on her left wrist

What is the tattoo on Zak Bagans wrist?

Zak's tattoo on his right wrist is something to do with vampires. -GAC's #1 fan :)

Does a tattoo on calf muscle hurt?

Whether or not it hurts depends on your tolerance of pain. That said, getting a tattoo on a muscle is the least painful place to get one.