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It's ok, because my leg like fall asleep when I am sleeping too, but sometimes it's kind of fun, cause it kind of won't move, because there's no blood in it, so that why. It's won't damage your health, that's for sure

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When answering this question Dr. PREMAL SHAH said that "Pressure over the legs nerve will cause this condition for a temporary period. To counter act if start massaging your legs daily which will improve blood circulation to your legs." Also in response to this question Dr. Pragnesh Vachharajani said that "This is not serious issue. Nerves that are supplying the particular part when sitting get irritated due to the pressure on them. The area that they supply becomes numb.This is not a big health problem. Still it is better that you get your blood counts done to look for any b complex deficiency like B12 deficiency. Blood counts will give indirect hint. Eat more fruits and vegetables and go for regular exercise."


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Q: My legs fall asleep when I sit on the toilet too long?
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