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This happened to me. I pointed out to him that he was doing it and he was man enough to realize it and make a conscious effort to stop. Granted he has never fully stopped but it got 98% better. The one thing that really made him realize that it was an issue when his friends went from liking me to pure hatred b/c he wasn't acting like a jacka** around them anymore, and had matured into a serious relationship and didn't want to hurt the relationship. I went from the super cool g/f who hung with the guys to being exiled from their group, again he was man enough to stand up to them and he made the call to say "look I'm not letting my relationship ruin our friendship, you are so either deal with it and be cool again or don't call." Then again his whole family thought I wasn't good enough for him so his friends would go to his parents house and they would all trash talk to me.

We were in a relationship for 3 1/2yrs and lived together most of that time. Today he moved out. Looking back, it put a lot of stress and strain on the relationship. I thought it was very heroic and strong of him to stand up for me like that, but when we would fight he would try to throw in my face that "he gave up his friends for me" which was bull because I tried to be the mediator, and fix all the issues with his friends. but you can't fix a problem if the other person isn't willing to cooperate. His friends chose to leave him in the end.

All I can say to do is point out that he is doing it and go off of his reaction.

MY answer:
well this has happened to me plenty of time before i agree with some of the stuff up there ^^^ but i reallyy realllyyyy thinkk you shouldd just tell him how you feel about him acting like this. see what he sayss and then go on from there. but this happens with many guys so dont freakk..

Hope this helpsss(((:

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Q: My boyfriend treats me great when it's just me and him but when he's around his friends it's a different story what should you do?
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