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you should hang out with.......... boyfriend............. don't no y

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Q: Should you hang out with your friends or your boyfriend?
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What should you do if your boyfriend is best friends with an ex of alooong time ago and youre never invited to hang out with them when the ex is around?

Your not invited means your current boyfriend is saying your not allowed. Maybe he, too, is insecure and wants to keep the ex within arms length to be sure that nothing is still there. You should make the statement about this to your boyfriend and see what he says. If he hangs with your friends you should hang with his.......

How do you get your boyfriend's friends to like you?

Hang out with them and do what they want. Do things your bf does.

What happens when your boyfriend does not like your friends?

Well, usually your boyfriend might not want to hang around your friends and if they're near you, he might not want to hang around you that much. If he absolutely hates your friends then he might avoid spending any time with you altogether. Stop and think, are your friends true friends, or is your boyfriend not a very good boyfriend? :0)

Should you be jealous if your boyfriend hangs with his friend who is a boy?

What's there to be jealous. Do you expect your boyfriend to hang out with other girls or Uncle & aunties. Obviously he is supposed to hang out with his own friends and that too boys. Its something very natural.

Your friend has a boyfriend and never wants to hang out with you what should you do?

Get your own boyfriend...

What do you do if your boyfriend and your friends always fight?

Don't hang out with your friend's when your bf's around..

What should you do if your boyfriend wants to always wants to be with his friends?

Give him some space at first to see how he handles it if you hang out with your friends more often. He might not even notice that he is neglecting you. If it bothers you enough, tell him to find a balance between you and his friends or you are finding a new boyfriend.

Where should you go to hang out with your almost boyfriend?

the movies

How do you get your friends to let you hang out with your boyfriend alone?

you could just tell them i have a boyfriend now sowe need time alone.

What do i do if a friend of mine saying he likes me but i already have a boyfriend?

See who is better I think you should wait until you and your boyfriend break up. If you do not like your boyfriend then you should break up with him. After you break up with him, you should ask yourself if your friend that likes you treats you right and you would like to be with him. For now stay with your boyfriend if you like him. I disagree... You can be friends with someone who likes you. Eventaully guys will give up. Hang with your boyfrind for a while but also hang out with buddy who likes you. Buddy will see your not as intrested because you have a boyfriend. Just don't have alone time with buddy, hangout with some friends. and if boyfriend is there it helps!!!!! trust me i have a brother

How to tell ur boyfriend that u dont want to hang with him?

He is your boyfriend, So just tell him that you don't want to hang out with him. He should understand.

What should you do if you don't like my boyfriend anymore but you like this other guy who your close friends with that always seems to be interested in my friends?

Well, I would probably tell your current boyfriend that you dont think that it is working out and then hang out with the other guy alot and then make your move