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dear lady, I'm sure your boyfriend feels so badly about himself...somewhere inside he has chosen to cope with that by dragging his counterpart (you) down. he may not have the courage to face that...but it's the first step to his changing. and he needs to change willingly or you need to find the place where you can be comfortable with forgiving AND LEAVING him for good. i speak from 22 years of hard knocks blessed when i tell you it's okay to make that his issue--not yours. women are a blessing to men...we should be cherished...carry on that way.

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Q: My boyfriend puts me down really bad when i get upset he tells me hes truthful and i should get over it i ask him why hes with me he says for some ungodly reason ilove you and its my fault that he put?
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What do you do if the girl you love doesnt want a boyfriend and knows you love her?

you need to let her know you love her, show her you really want to be with her and what you have to offer her, and ask why she does not want to have a boyfriend at the moment. After you know her reason you need to prove her reason wrong and show her that their is no reason why she shouldn't want to be with you.

What does it mean when your boyfriend blocked you on facebook but says he still loves you?

If you really want to know why your boyfriend blocked you on Facebook, is to ask him. He's the only one who knows the real reason.

What to do if asked to quit job by boyfriend?

If you really like the job, then tell him no. If you really love this guy, then go ahead and ask him why. If he gives a fantastic reason that is convincing, then listen to him.

If first time your boyfriend says 'i love you' was durning sex is it really true?

NO. The only reason he is saying that is because it feels good. lol.

What if your boyfriend asked how far you would go with him and you really want to go all the way but im scard for some reason please help?

Not being totally comfortable is a valid reason to wait.

If a girlfriend gets mad at her boyfriend and then he gets really mad at her for getting mad who is more wrong?

well the only reason the girl would get mad in the frist place was cause the boyfriend did something wrong, a girl dosent just get mad for no reason. Some thing has to be bothering her obivously.

Why would your boyfriend say i love when when he nows that you and your ex boyfriend did?

The reason your boyfriend would say that is because he feels left out, and a little jealous He wants to do the things you and your boyfriend did but better. Just think this means that that he really likes you and doesn't want to let you go. Trust me I am going through the same thing!

What is the meaning of Used Reason?

The phrase "used reason" usually refers to a person who logically calculated. An example is, "Jim 'used reason' to determine whether Mary was truthful in her response. She had no bias in the matter, and therefore had no reason to lie to him."

What do you do if your best friends ex is jealous of your boyfriend?

well, if she really like your ex boyfriend, than you should try to talk to him. Tell him that you have a new boyfriend now and you cant really do much. There is no reason to be jealous of him when i already dated you. You were a great guy, and i bet you can find a girlfriend very easily. HOpe this advice works! message me back and tell me how it goes!!

My Boyfriend really takes his friends oppinions even if its not his own and its causing a problem with our relationship because they dont like me for no reason. How do you handle that?

you say to your boyfriend if you want to stay with me you need to start acting like a man and not a dum man

How you know if your boyfriend really loves you?

you never know but to trust himn. that's the whole reason of being in a relationship. you have to have trust, honesty, and respect. without these..there is no love. :)

What do you say when your boyfriend asks you to the movies and your mom doesnt want you to go?

Well there are two options 1) Tell your mom that you really like this guy (if you really do) and tell her its just a movie 2) Tell your boyfriend that your mom said i cant go because she wont let me for whatever reason