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yes yes she did

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Q: Lanval relationship kept a secret
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What is the meaning of clandestine relationship?

a relationship that is kept or done in secret, often in order to conceal an illicit or improper purpose

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What actors and actresses appeared in Sir Lanval - 2009?

The cast of Sir Lanval - 2009 includes: Jennifer Dawn Williams as Aurora Ian Hencher as Sir Lanval Lori MacFadyen as Tryamour Mark Vernon Freestone as King Arthur

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They aren’t kept secret.

When was Lanval written?

Its author, Marie de France, lived from about 1154 - 1189. Since she was an adult when she wrote "Lanval," the story was written in the 1170s or 1180s.

Who is the author of lanval?

It's Marie de France

What in china was kept secret for hundreds of years?

Silk was kept secret b/c of its value

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