Is torrtera good

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Yes!!!If you get torrtera the first thing it does is learns EARTHQUAKE!!!!It is the best move you have ever seen.It does 100 damage!!Plus if you beat the Pokemon league it can learn frenzy plant!!

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Q: Is torrtera good
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What level does torrtera learn frenzy plant?

Torrterra doesent learn fenzy plant

What are the top three strongest non legendarary Pokemon ever?

It is Torrtera,Mewtwo,and Mewtrince.

How do you get good Pokemon?

Catch an Abra! Alakazam is the best. Just trade kadabra to evolve it.Naahhh I don't think Alakazam is a good pokemon.I think you should get a turtwig and it evolves into a Torrtera!!Plus it grows the fastest levels

Who won the showdown of Pokemon 08?

Me, I had a Torrtera, Meowth, Staraptor, Floatzel, Lucario, and a Weavile. Well I could defeat you

I just started over my Pokemon platinum what should my WHOLE team be your opinion?

Torrtera Vaporeon Golem Staraptor Luxray

Why won't my torrtera have a egg with Ditto?

Well that hasn't happened to any trainer yet. Maybe you should give them time.

What are recomended Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

I suggest Infernape, Giritina, Empoleon, Torrtera, Dialga, Pialka, Arceas, and trade Ho-Oh, and Lugia from pokemon HG and SS.

You are at sunnyshore city and dont have torrtera or Empoleon for your pokedex where can you find them I have the pearl version?

you should see empoleon from your rival. and tortera should be just another regular trainer. so i suggest you battle all trainers.

Is there a trainer in Pokemon Pearl who has a torrtera?

your rival has one. if you battled him everytime then battle him in the fight area. if you want to use that catching people Pokemon cheatr then you can also catch a grotle from some person in route 210.

I have Pokemon pearl and im around sunnyshore city but i am missing Empoleon and torrtera in my pokedex could you please tell me a place where i can see one?

4 dawn she would have a torterra and ur rival would have an empoleon. so u need to battle them some how.

How can you beat the elite four in diamond?

gett a flying for 1st (i chose crobat) get a water/grass for second (epoleon or torrtera) for 3rd get a strong water (i chose gyarados) and for 4th bug (i have rapidash that knows mega horn) for champ use something super strong like dragonite or garchomp.

What are the best Pokemon team to fight Pokemon league without any legendary?

The types you need are flying, grass, water, dark, and electrick. But cyntia's spirittomb has no effective type, so just hit it hard with strong moves. And you may want to have Pokemon that have two types. Like when I was battling Cynthia's milotic, it used ice-beam, so you might want to use a grass/ground like torrtera.