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no it is part of your bone

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Q: Is the lump on you're arm dangerous?
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What are some techniques for underarm throwing?

Swing your arm right round from your sholder, start with youre arm bent, then thrust as hard as you can, release the ball when youre arm has gone past youre leg and continue to swing youre arm round

What is the lump on your arm?

i have a lump right below my left elbow. what could this be?

Lump on right thigh?

youre growing a penis in the wrong place

What are the muscles in your arm?

youre triceps and biceps

What causes pain in the right arm and arm pit?

what would it be with a lump under the armpit

Is saginaw dangerous?

Depends about where you and what youre doing.

What do you do if youre chickens is agressive?

If youre chicken is agressive grab it and carry it under your arm and move around .

I have a big lump on my arm after a fall I had when jogging no broken bones. It has been over a week and the lump is still there. The arm seems to be healing but lump is still there. Should I worry?

The lump may be related to the injury or to the healing process. It may persist for weeks. If you have any pain or the lump gets larger, consult a physician for treatment.

How would your arm have a lump after injecting steroids?

Injecting to fast

Why do you get a pinkish lump on your arm if a mosquito bites it?

you get a small lump and the itching feeling due to an allergic reaction to the mosquito saliva.

Does it mean cancer if you have a lump under your arm and on your breast?

You have to get it examined by a professional.

If you have a lump in your arm pits could it be cancer?

maybe, see a doctor

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