Lump on right thigh

Updated: 4/28/2022
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youre growing a penis in the wrong place

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Q: Lump on right thigh
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Lump on your right upper thigh?

Any lumps should be seen by your doctor. Hopefully, it is not serious, but get it checked.

What could a hard lump on the side of your thigh mean?

If you are diabetic and you inject yourself in your thigh(s),scar tissue can build up leaving a hard lump there.

4 letter word for a rounded lump?


What could be a small painless hard veinless lump between pubic and left thigh be?

...many things

Lump in thigh with numbness?

Any time you find a lump, with or without numbness, it is a good idea to have your physician check it out. Lumps can signify a lot of different issues, with cancer being among the worst, so you do not want to overlook having your lump taken care of as soon as possible.

What does it mean if you have 3 moles in a triangle on your right thigh?

It means you have three moles on your thigh.

Large painful lump on my right outer thigh I have had it 2 months it is getting worse and the area around it is brused Can you tell me what it could be please?

no one can tell without medical tests, you should go to the doctor and have it checked. your health is not a joke.

What is the lump caused by under a bruise in thigh?

It is just a swelling of the tissue beneath the affected worries! It will go away when you're healed.

Where is zoey's mew mark?

It is on her upper right thigh.

You are confronted with a disarticulated femur How will you determine whether this is a left femur or a right one?

Observe the patient, and determine whether you are looking at the person's left thigh or right thigh.

Is the right ankle inferior to the right thigh?

You could phrase it that way but a better descriptive term when talking about the extremities (i.e. arms and legs) is that the ankle is distal to the thigh.

What is the Cpt code for intermediate repair of 5 inch laceration of the right thigh?

The CPT Code for intermediate repair of a 5-inch laceration of the right thigh is 12032.