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Here is the text of a review posted on the Goodreads site. Quote:

"This diet makes a lot of sense. I was aware of many of the things I needed to get rid of in my kitchen but there was some new information that I was not aware of and I will try this diet. There were very few recipes. I would like to have seen a few more. What I didn't like? When I paid for the book I was bombarded with offers to purchase other books, DVDs, etc., before I was able to download the book I had already paid for. Again when I was about to download the book, I was offered all of the same products for "free" but I was told to provide my credit card information even though they were "free". At this point, I felt like I had been scammed.

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Genuine reviews on the topic (not those posted by shill-sites), ranged everywhere from 1 star out of five, to five out of five. Therefore, it's not easy to give a clear answer.

See also a Related Link here in Answerscom.

Dieting healthily

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Q: Is the Mike Geary diabetes fix a scam?
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