Is spot reduction possible

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sorry, but no.

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Q: Is spot reduction possible
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Is it possible for oxidation to occur without reduction?

o it s not possible

Is it possible to have breast reduction after radiation?


How do you reduce weight in your legs?

Spot reduction is not possible, when you shed pounds its from your whole body depend on your body type. Just eat healthy and exercise such as running, cycling, it is much effective for weight loss.

Is there anything like spot reduction in fat loss?

Definitely not. You need to lose weight all around.

Is Not a possible consequence of global warming?

Reduction in secondary pollutants is not a possible consequence of global warming.

Can oxidation or reduction takes place alone why or why not what are such reactions called answer in chemistry?

These reactions are called redox reactions.Isolated reduction/oxidation is not possible.

How do you reduce chest size?

It is possible to obtain breast reduction surgery.

Why is it possible for both reduction and oxidation to take place at the same time?

There are chemical handbooks and journals filled with examples of oxidation reduction reactions.

Is is possible to have a spot on your lip or is it just a colesore?

Yes you can have a spot on your lip, i have had one. you must pop it.

How do you reduce weight from thighs?

Its true that spot reduction is not possible, you will lose weight from entire body depending upon your body type and activities you are doing. The exercise such as running, jogging and other aerobic exercise are good for weight loss from thighs and lower body.

Is it possible to have a reaction in which oxidation takes place but reduction does not?

Oxidation is characterized by the loss of electrons, and reduction is characterized by the gain of electrons. Since there must be an electron loser and an electron receiver, oxidation and reduction are always complimentary.

What reduction or lowest possible term is there for 18?

18 is an integer in its lowest possible form. It cannot be made any lower.