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Yes you can have a spot on your lip, i have had one. you must pop it.

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Q: Is is possible to have a spot on your lip or is it just a colesore?
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What shall you do if your hamster has a spot on they lip?

Knock it on the head.

Is cleft lip painful?

I've heard cleft lip is really painful as there is pretty much just an empty spot of the roof of his/her mouth. As kids get used to it, the pain goes away. I suggest that if any of your kids have cleft lip, to let them get stitches.

What is that black thing above my lip?

Is it a freckle or a beauty spot

Can you get a hickey on your finger?

Yes, if your partner sucks too hard on your lip, you can get a bruise that resembles a hickey, just on your lip.

Where is the best place for a lip ring?

Safest spot for a lip ring is nowhere, you could get an infection which could be dangerous. For personal looks, on the side of your lip has the most attention for lip ringers.

What has caused your top lip to swell with a dark red spot under lip?

do you wear anykind of lipstick-gloss-chapstick?

Will penicillin cure lip sores?

I have been o penicillin for 8 days and have noticed asore spot on the side of my lip also

Is it possible to cut your lip off?


What if you took infected piercing out of lip?

You would have a swollen lip, a possible abscess and nothing to show for it.

Can you kiss someone if you have a spot in your lip?

yeah,but the person you're kissing would be discusted!

Is it possible to stretch your lower lip past your chin because I can?

obviously it is possible then...

Does it hurt when they have to re-pierce your lip?

I have personally done this before, i got my right lip piercing re-pierced in the exact same spot and no it doesn't hurt, it feels the same as getting your first lip piercing.