Is she playing hard to get?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Maybe, or maybe she just doesn't want to be "got" by you.

Sometimes a girl can play hard to get if they think you're taking less notice of her and/or she needs some attention.

When a girl plays 'hard to get' they usually use their body language, speech and contact. For example;

If a girl has their arms folded and her hair hiding her face, she is preventing eye contact.

If a girl is sitting far away from you, with their face turned the other way, she is preventing contact and the above again.

Sometimes a girl might just not like you though, and you should move on.

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Q: Is she playing hard to get?
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• If you are a male playing hard to get with a female, no absolutely not. From my experience, I hate guys who play hard to get.• If you are female playing hard to get with a male, sometimes it works. Other times it doesn't.

How can you tell someone is playing hard to get?

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If he likes you and you like him too, go for it! Stop playing hard to get as it is silly.

If a guy likes you but he ignores you he playing hard to get with rude and advice needed?

He might be playing hard to get. It depends on the situation

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She is playing hard to get.

What does prodigy look in a girl?

She is playing hard to get.

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