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"Since teenagers are in school, they need to focus on school. Sex can be a bad thing for those not married, not ready to have a kid, or weak to the temptation, at any age. From a biblical point of view, it is wrong if you are not married. There is so much that can happen, such as diseases or pregnancy. In today's world, it is hard to not think about sex since it is everywhere. An idle mind is the devil's workplace. Focus on more important things. Sex is not as innocent as the media makes it out to be. Many think you need it or you will go crazy, and the desire will build up. That is not true. If you are a teenager, and have already reached a personal career or life goal, are responible enough to take care of a kid, and are married, then sex is a beautiful thing for you and your partner. It is possible and perfectly normal to never even have it. You do not need it to sustain life. You do not need it to be happy. Having sex does not satisfy the urge. It is like hunger. The urge still comes back, just like anything."

"Yeah, right. guys? just use Birth Control pills and condoms. its fun and it decreases your stress level."

There is a religious freak on the first page. But he is right, you need to focus on other things besides sex, not to mention it is a huge decision. And this idiot that is right above me does not know what he's talking about. Sex should not be thrown around like a ball. Once you open your legs/or start to penetrate, you lose your innocence. And trust me, I know a lot of people who regret it. Pictures come all over the face on public sites, like Facebook and Myspace. Girls delude themselves about the guy being with them forever, but what do they do? Dump them like garbage.

Save it for when you're old enough for the consequences, when you found someone that you know who is mature, trusting and loving and when you are able to support themselves.

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No, its normal.

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Q: Is sex a bad thing for teenagers?
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