Are all teenagers bad

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Not all teenagers are bad

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Q: Are all teenagers bad
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What would be in a teenagers locker?

Hard to say. There's different kinds of teenagers as an example if they were bad we all know what would be in their. And good teenagers wouldn't have that kind of stuff

What are the bad habits among teenagers?

the bad habits among teenagers are smoking,drinking and shouting but some teenagers don't have any.

Is the anime deathnote bad for teenagers to watch and why?

It's not bad for teenagers to watch, it just has a lot of death in it.

Is facebook good or bad for teenagers?

It depends on what they do.

Why are teenagers stroppy?

teenagers are stroppy because they are going through puberty, and their hormones are going absolutely berserk inside their, or should i say our bodies!! but we aren't all that bad, trust me!!

How have to Jonas Brothers affected teenagers?

The Jonas Brothers have affected many teenagers in a very BAD way. They are all HORRIBLE inspirations and their STINKY music can help you barf when you're sick.

What 2 organic compounds do most American teenagers get too much of?

teenagers get a lot of carbohydrates and fuels from bad or greasy food that they eat. (no offense to teenagers) The two (groups of) organic compounds that American teenagers, and North Americans of all ages, get too much of are sugars and fats.

What can teenagers in India contribute to the country and what can they contribute in the future?

Of course, teenagers can contribute to the country. Teenagers are the future of India. Just b'coz some teenagers have made a bad reputation doesn't mean all are like that. It's just that they need to work hard. Infact the mistakes the present generation has made that will not be made.

Should all teenagers read The Catcher in the Rye?

No. Not all teenagers even could.

What are the attitude of teenagers and how to convince them?

Bad attitude. Convince them with money.

Is running a mile daily bad for teenagers?

it is good for their body

Which type of food should teenagers avoid and why?

teenagers should avoid eating junk food because its bad for the health

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