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Any abuse of alcohol is bad for anyone, including teenagers.

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Q: How much alcohol is bad for a teenager?
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How much alcohol is needed in a human?

you don't need alcohol in a human.It's bad for you.

Is drinking beer bad 4u?

Beer contains alcohol, and too much alcohol is bad for you. The difficult part is determining where the limit for "too much" is. Beer is also quite high in calories, so even if it wasn't for the alcohol, too much beer could still be bad for you.

What can one find on the Above The Influence website?

A teenager can find tips about staying above bad things such as drugs and alcohol. It's a site especially made for teenagers and look colorful and happy. A teenager can get a lot of help from this site.

Why is it bad to consume alcohol while taking Prednisone?

It is advisable to avoiddrinkin to much alcohol if you are taking predisone as both drugs are very bad for the kineys.

Can I have my teenager admitted for drug and alcohol treatment if he is unwilling?

If you have a teenager who is doing drugs and is out of control, they need to drawn into a drug treatment facility.

Is masturating as a teenager bad?

No its ok and normal

What is the bad ingredient in alcohol?


Does alcohol relax your body?

yes and no because it soothing to you but if you get to much you get drunk and its a bad reaction !!

Is Bailey's Irish cream bad for you?

Alcohol is not bad for you IF you drink in moderation - that means one drink, not a whole bottle! When you drink too much of any alcohol, it's bad for you because it poisons the liver and kills off brain cells.

Alcohol is it all bad?

alcohol is only bad to a certain extent for example if you drink to much of it and get drunk u will experience certain things that you may never have experienced before and might have never wanted to experience them

What is alcohol and why is it bad?

Alcohol is bad because u drink while driving and u could have a accident while drinking alcohol

Is it bad to have a baby tooth when your a teenager?

No, you're not a adult yet.