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she was born in new york

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Q: Is rochelle aytes dating anybody
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What is Rochelle Aytes nationality?

Rochelle Aytes is American. She was born in New York.

How old is Rochelle Aytes?

Rochelle Aytes is 41 years old (birthdate May 17, 1976).

When was Rochelle Aytes born?

Rochelle Aytes was born on May 17, 1976, in New York City, New York, USA.

Is rochelle aytes black or white?


Who is the reporter from White Chicks?

Rochelle Aytes

What is Ambers real name from desperate Housewives?

Rochelle Aytes

What is Rochelle Aytes most famous for?

Rochelle Aytes is most famous for her career as an actress. She is American and currently starring in the TV show Mistresses having previously been in the movie White Chicks.

Who played Eva on dark blue?

Rochelle Aytes. She also plays in Tyler Perry's "Family Reunion".

What is Rochelle Aytes the actor's middle name?

Rochelle doesn't have a middle name, her cultural heritage prevents girls from having middle names. She simply has a first and last middle name. When she marries she will be able to select a middle name for herself.

Who is rochelle out of the Saturdays dating?

she is dating Marvin hulme from JLS.

Is Marvin Humes still dating Rochelle Wiseman?

No, they are no longer dating.

What is the birth name of Chantal Aytes?

Chantal Aytes's birth name is Chantal Antoinette Dianne Marie Aytes.