Is pooping a hobby

Updated: 4/28/2022
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not unless your full of it

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SO TRUE!!! Pooping is defintely a hobby! Like if you agree

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Q: Is pooping a hobby
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Is pooping nasty?

Yes pooping is nasty

Why are you pooping blue?

If you're pooping blue...something's wrong with you.

Why is pooping bad?

Pooping is not bad. It's not good to hold it in everyday.

Why is the master praising the dog so highly?

The master is pooping

does anyone like pooping?

Pooping may be smelly, but yes

Why am i pooping?


Why is strength a good thing to have in gymnastics?

strength is highly important in gymnastics. i know from years of training and completing at olyipics, worlds and coaching that strength is needed most when... *pooping *eating poop *pooping on people *pooping out of the mouth *Pooping on judges *pooping while spinning *** most important Pooping in/on another gymnist the more strength you have for these things the better you will get. trust me i am Bob McRyan

How do you deduce?

by pooping

What if your not pooping?

Then you are constipated

Why did Hitler poop so much?

Hitler had pooping problems as a kid, and medicine back then did not help pooping problems

Is pooping your pants illegal?

No, pooping your pants is NOT illegal. It may not be the most comfortable choice but is most definitely not illegal.

How were toilets used?

for pooping