Is manitol good for you

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: Is manitol good for you
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Are there any diabetic foods made without manitol?

Most of the diabetic food contains manitol. Its hard to avoided it as most sweeteners contain it. But there are also recopies for foods and cakes that can be made without manitol and are good for diabetics.

Is manitol used in the assay of boric acid?


What emergency treatment is NOT recommended if an explosion casualty suffering from crush injuries of the lower extremities is admitted to your hospital with severe hyperkalemia?

limit manitol

Which ingredient in mannitol salt agar supplies carbon?

mannitol is a type of sugar, so it supplies the carbon in the MSA medium

What can you use to buff cocaine?

benzocaine only if your cooking it but it makes the rock soft tho if you use to much

Is S saprophyticus mannitol fermenter?

Yes, it is slightly manitol-positive, though. It will appear a medium yellow tint and Staphylococcus aureus will contrast it by turning bright yellow. S. aureus is a better example for mannitol-positive.See Figure 5:

If mannitol releives the cerebral edema why does it cause the pulmonary edema?

Circulatory overload due to expansion of extracellular fluid is a serious adverse effect of mannitol; as a consequence, pulmonary oedema can be precipitated in patients with diminished cardiac reserve, and acute water intoxication may occur in patients with inadequate urine flow. So, as interstitial oedema is determined by starling's forces, it is possible that the increased hydrostatic pressure created by the manitol offsets the increased oncotic pressure leading to extravasation of fluid.

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