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limit manitol

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Q: What emergency treatment is NOT recommended if an explosion casualty suffering from crush injuries of the lower extremities is admitted to your hospital with severe hyperkalemia?
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An explosion casualty suffering from crush injuries of the lower extremities had been admitted to your hospital with severe hyperkalemia what emergency treatment is not recommended?

Limit fluids

How to treat the victim of an Improvised Explosion Devise with an Emergency Bandage?

That depends on what time of woundz the victim is suffering. If all that you have is an emergency bandage or a so called "israeli bandage" the only thing you can do is stop bleeding from any extremities or limbs. You would take the bandage and apply it to the area bleeding and press down with pressure and attempt to secure it by tying either the bandage around the wound or using some sort of tourniquet.

Which episode on the show Emergency was Rampart General Hospital on fire?

The episode with the basement explosion and fire was called " The Boat"

Two types of information found in the potential hazards area of the orange guide pages in the ERG?

* Fire and explosion hazards * Health hazards

What kind of emergencies are emergency brakes on trains used for?

When there is a risk. Accident. Get out of the rails. Fire. Explosion. Or any danger to the unexpected happens.

You're required to treat the victim of an IED explosion As you prepare to apply an Emergency Bandage, you?

always apply a hemostatic agent before the bandage

Where will information about material's health hazards be found in the emergency response guide?

fire and explosion hazards and health hazards

An explosion casualty suffering from crush injuries of the lower extremities has been admitted to your hospital with severe hyperkalemia What emergency treatment is recommended?

Limit mannitol, administer glucose-insulin drip, calcium chloride and/or sodium bicarbonateDO NOT LIMIT LIQUIDS!Treatment of hyperkalemia may include any of the following measures, either singly or in combination:A diet low in potassium (for mild cases).Discontinue medications that increase blood potassium levels.Intravenous administration of glucose and insulin, which promotes movement of potassium from the extracellular space back into the cells.Intravenous calcium to temporarily protect the heart and muscles from the effects of hyperkalemia.Sodium bicarbonate administration to counteract acidosis and to promote movement of potassium from the extracellular space back into the cells.Diuretic administration to decrease the total potassium stores through increasing potassium excretion in the urine. It is important to note that most diuretics increase kidney excretion of potassium. Only the potassium-sparing diuretics mentioned above decrease kidney excretion of potassium.Medications that stimulate beta-2 adrenergic receptors, such as albuterol and epinephrine, have also been used to drive potassium back into cells.Medications known as cation-exchange resins, which bind potassium and lead to its excretion via the gastrointestinal tract.Dialysis, particularly if other measures have failed or if renal failure is present.

What are some recommended building insurances for landlords?

Some recommended building insurances for landlords cover fire, lightning, explosion, storm, among other things. Accidental damage, tenant damage from malicious intent,terrorism and such may be included.

What is the first priority at a possible terrorist incident for emergency responders to do their jobs and not become victims themselves?

make sure there aren't any more bombs around after the 1st explosion

What is explosion in German?

the explosion = die Explosion.

What three types of hazard information found in the orange section of the emergency response guide?

* Fire and explosion hazards * Protective clothing to wear * Spill or leak repsonse actions