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Indeed it is.

The difficulty is knowing when.

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Q: Is kindness sometimes better than the truth?
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What does truth is stranger than fiction?

Truth is stranger than fiction means that sometimes reality is stranger than fantasy.

What does truth is stranger than fiction mean?

Truth is stranger than fiction means that sometimes reality is stranger than fantasy.

Should I give that girl I like both in 6th grade a Valentine's card even if I don't know if she likes me back?

Sometimes in life you have to take a risk. if she makes fun of you, then she is not worth you. if you give her a valentine out of pure kindness and sheis nothing but mean to you, you are way better than her, and you can find a girl way better than her.

Is r-truth better than John Cena?

Accomplishment wise, John Cena is far better

What is the meaning of this qoute Any Truth is better than indefinite doubt?

This quote means that it is better to know the truth, even if it is unpleasant, than to be uncertain or in a state of doubt. Having clarity and certainty, even in the face of a harsh truth, is preferable to living with uncertainty or ambiguity.

Are shaky mechanical pencils better than regular ones?

That depends on what you think. sometimes a shaky can break easily, but sometimes the reg is better, sometimes shake!

Mcdonalds french fries are better than ever is an example of what?

Certainly not "truth in advertising."

What is the effects of insecurities?

Sometimes when a person saw another person who is much better than them they feel jealousy and they want to be much better than them, sometimes insecurity leads to anger.

Is xatu better than kadabra?

Actually to tell u the truth xatu is better than kadabra because if u look at the stats u can tell the difference. yes, but alakasam, is better than xatu

Why is steel a better choice than another metal such as aluminium or lead?

Steel is sometimes a better choice due to it's strength. However aluminium and lead are sometimes better than steel in specialised applications.

What if your sister told your boyfriend a lie if you tell him the truth would it be wrong of him to breakup with you?

There is something suspicious about your question. Why would your boyfriend want to break up with you for telling the truth? Let me get this straight: is the truth worse than the lie? Yes, sometimes telling the truth is not too favorable. But it is certainly better than telling a lie. So, take the bull by the horns and see whether your boyfriend can take some bad (if that's what it is) news. If he can't - and depending on the truth it would never be wrong to break up with you - good riddance.

Why is the truth so hard to accept?

Some people just dont want to hear the truth because it might hurt them alot, but telling the truth is better than lying though.