Is iui a painful process

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is not painful at all, some say it is like Pap-smear , i just felt a pinch. Dr asked me to relax and I did, it was simple and easy, hardly took any time. 2 mins max.

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Q: Is iui a painful process
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What are symptoms after iui?

after iui symptoms

Who soon after IUI can you test for pregnancy?

after 2 weeks from iui date

If you got brownish discharge after IUI are you pregnant?

i had brown discharge after iui

How can you know that I am pregnant after having your IUI?

It is best to wait 14 days after the IUI to have a pregnancy test done. A blood test at that. I am in the same process and my physician sugested that I wait the full 14 days to avoid any false-negatives or false-positives. It has been 5days since my IUI and the wait tests my patience daily. I was also told that the injectables and IUI may feel like your pregnant as the symptoms are similar. Good Luck

What should i do if i get vaginal infection after iui?

im in the same boat. call your doctor who proformed the iui

Does Medicaid cover iui?


How do learning is sometimes is painful process?


How do learning is sometimes a painful process?


Were the Gosselin twins conceived by invitro fertilization?

No, the Gosselin twins were concieved via InterUtering Insemination (IUI). Same for the Sextuplets, they were concieved by IUI.

If you have a sharp tingly prickly pain in your breasts after the day you had your IUI are you pregnant?

Tingling breasts are caused by a lack of progesterone or estrogen, or too much estrogen or progesterone. Depending on the percentages of each in your system. Painful breasts does not indicate pregnancy.

Could be pregnant if lower abdomen pains after iui?

aug22 my first iui done.after iui 2days higher stomach pain for me.and another days stomach pain is low.and then slightly lower stomach pain for me.what are the symptoms for this is?pls answered for me?

What is the success rate of iui?

About 10% for each try.