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i had brown discharge after iui

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Q: If you got brownish discharge after IUI are you pregnant?
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How did Kate Gosselin get pregnant with the sextuplets?

Jon and Kate Gosselin got pregnant with the help of fertility treatments. They used Interuterine Insemination (IUI) to get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you are not discharging?

yes if youre like me i had no discharge and got preggers twice

You got pink discharge with mucus on your due of period are you pregnant?

I Had my preiod 3 weeks ago could I be pregnant

Is a pinkish mucus discharge still considered implantation bleeding?

pink blood in discharge is but doesn't always mean your pregnant cause i got it then got my period 2 weeks later

Suffered from a miscarriage last month now got period pain and brownish discharge what does this mean?

Hi there, I am wondering what the outcome of your situation was, I am having the same thing.

How did Jon and Kate have twins?

Jon and Kate Gosselin got pregnant via IUI (Interuterine insemination) which has a higher chance of resulting in multiples than becomign pregnant naturally or via other fertility treatments like IVF.

I am 36 weeks pregnant with a greenish discharge what could it be?

u got a std go to the dr asap

What was Kate Gosselin diagnosed with and couldn't get pregnant on her own?

She claims to have been diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). She took ovulation-stimulating drugs. She was hospitalized for overstimulated ovaries - which is a clear contraindication for IUI, and yet somehow she got pregnant. She either got IUI from an unethical doctor, or had sex with her husband despite medical advice. In my opinion she deserves a *lot* more grief for her wreckless decisions leading up to the birth of the sextuplets than the Octomom does for hers.

Did anyone have got pink discharge after 45 days of your last menstural period?

I am two days shy of 90 days past my LMS. I am also 12w,5d Pregnant. I had brown discharge once on Sunday and Pink discharge once so far Today. Are you pregnant?

What if you got the discharge once and missed your period but then got it again?

Could be stress, Very unlikely that you're pregnant. I would get to the doctors to be safe though.

If you got you period and it ended for two days then had a brownish discharge for two days and now it is red blood again what does this mean could it be pregnancy?

This probably is just a slightly irregular period, no cause for cocern- it is very normal to have your period to start and stop occasionly or have it be brown. If you are having your period, you are not pregnant.

Are you pregnant iv got yellow white discharge?

Maybe no, because it could mean an infection. see ur doctor ASAP.

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