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No. Or if there is then someone has been very careless.

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Q: Is it true there is sperm in a womans elbow?
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Can alcohol kill living sperm in a womans body?

No. If only it was that easy...

Once inside a womans body what sort of distances do you think sperm do you think sperm can swim on average an hour?

The answer is 9 cm.

What form does sperms come out of the lady?

dead because women don't produce sperm. if sperm is not fertilized with womans egg it dies.

How does a woman get pregnet?

A man has to stick his penis into her vagina, and release some sperm. And the sperm travles to the womans egg and fertleizes it, and there you go.

How do babies grow from a sperm?

When the sperm meets the womans egg then the baby starts growing from then. If you need more info on this I would ask my parents.

Can you get pregnant if the penis rubs on and the sperm spilled out on womans genital area?

yes but it is highly unlikely

Is Bending the elbow is a example of flexion true or false?


What sex cell helps the unborn baby to grow?

The sperm cell enters the womans vaginal area going to the ovary, which fertalizes the womans egg cell, creating and baby.

what is meaning by sex?

Sex also known as sexual intercourse, is when a man placeds his errect penis into a womans vagina. The man will eventually release sperm cells into the womans vagina.

Is hand proximal to the elbow?

No. Proximal means closer to the body. Example: The elbow is distal to the chest. The elbow is proximal to the hand. The hand is distal to the chest and the elbow.

How do the babies get in the mom stumick?

They aren't in the mums stomach, when a males sperm cell meets a womans egg cell through sexual intercourse a foetus (very young baby) will develop in the womans womb, and will finally leave through the womans vagina, the baby is born.

Can a womans body choose the sex of an unborn child?

No. Not unless someone figures out how to select which sperm to let through.