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You cannot "break" cartilage in any part of your body. Remember, for example, cartilage is the substance comprising your ear. However, it is very possible to break one of the the many bones in your foot or tear ligaments inside your foot as well. The, arguably, most difficult bones in your foot to break are the metatarsals, running from your ankle to your toes. It is also possible to bruise your heel and other parts of muscular complex in the foot.

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Q: Is it possible to break your cartilage in your foot?
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IS there cartilage in the foot?

Yes, there is cartilage in a foot.

Can you break a bone in your foot that feels like a sprain?

Yes, it's possible to break a bone in your foot and think you have a sprain

Can you break ear cartilage?

Cartilage tears, you might consider that a break i suppose.

If your cartilage breaks does it repair itself?

Cartilage can break in some instances. There are multiple types of cartilage in the body. The cartilage in the ear is an elastic cartilage, so it is much more flexible and less likely to break.

What is the fraction of the cartilage?

Cartilage is the soft bone in i.e. your ears and nose. A break in this bone is a fraction.

Can cartilage regrow Is joint regeneration possible?

Cartilage cannot repair itself.

Could top of the foot pain be related to under the foot pain?

It is very possible that the two are related. If there is a fracture or slight break in your foot then the pain could be felt on both the top and the bottom of your foot/feet.

Why does cartilage calcify?

So when you break a bone you got a reserve storage of bone you can replace your bone with a cartilage and walk again that's why it takes 6 weeks to calcify cartilage so you can have a new bone to walk around on e.g. you break your leg.

Is it possible to go deaf from a cartilage piercing?

no its not

How can i break my foot?

You can break your foot by falling from a slight height and landing on you foot, impact from a heavy weight. Dropping something heavy on your foot.

Did Evan Bourne break his foot?

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Can you break your ear cartlidge?

all cartilage can shatter. But dont worry,Theres LESS chance in getting the nose cartilage to shatter.