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If you hit you're head hard enough it's possible. The best thing to do is see a doctor if you think you need to.

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Q: Is it possible to bleed in the brain without you knowing?
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Can you commit suicide by head-banging?

I am sure it is possible. You'd die from a concussion or brain bleed.

Is it possible for a jellyfish to live without a brain?

They do not have anything that could be called a brain.

Does Xanax make your brain bleed?

No it does not according to medical research. But shrooms can make your brain bleed if you do it alot

Does acid make your brain bleed?

Acid itself does not directly cause the brain to bleed. However, abuse of certain drugs, such as LSD or hallucinogenic substances, can lead to dangerous behaviors that may result in physical harm or injuries, including brain bleeding in severe cases.

Why is it necessary to know about the brain in studying how learning takes place?

Because without knowing how the brain works, we would not know how learning is accomplished.

Does your heart beat beat without your brain knowing it?

Yes, it can retain the information required to function normally even if your brain was dead in fact.

Can you get cancer by playing football?

A better question is, are you not brain-dead enough without football? And if so how did you manage to type the question using a keyboard without actually knowing the answer to the question? Please enroll yourself in a elementary school as soon as possible because the answer is no.

Can you have ms without lesions appearing on the brain?

Yes, it is still possible.

Smoking The possible effects on the baby after birth?

there can be major lung problems and an early addiction can form without the parent even knowing whats going on. There can also be some brain damage since the brain isn't fully developed yet it allows more things through.

Is it possible to move or function without a brain?

The function of the brain is it controls the whole body and sends the body messages.

How does rabies kill?

I think it attacks the brain & nervous system. I'm not sure.

Will yellow brick road incense make your brain bleed?

Yellow brick road can cause seizures and leave you in a persistant vegetative state. Brain bleeds are possible and likely if you use this incense to smoke.