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there can be major lung problems and an early addiction can form without the parent even knowing whats going on. There can also be some brain damage since the brain isn't fully developed yet it allows more things through.

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Q: Smoking The possible effects on the baby after birth?
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Does smoking a cigarette release nicotine into the bloodstream to a baby while pregnant?

Yes smoking durimg pregnancy can have many effects on the baby, such as a low birth weight

If ah pregnant woman smokes cigarettes what effects does this have on the developing baby?

Smoking increases the risk of heart defects and low birth weight.

Premature baby deaths from smoking?

possible but smoking does increase that chance

What can make you have your child prematurely and with asthma?

There is no connection between premature birth and asthma, however smoking is known to cause premature birth and smoking is also known to lead to the baby developing asthma after birth if the baby is exposed to the secondhand smoke.

How can smoking affect pregnancy?

Birth defects, low birth weight, premature labor, and the baby being addicted to nicotine after birth.

It is possible for pig to give birth 1 baby pig?

Yes, although it is not common, it is possible for a pig to give birth to one baby.

Why is a healthy diet important during pregnancy?

Because the mom is directly connected with the baby though the umbilical cord. This is why a mom does not want to go out drinking/smoking while pregnant. (It is possible to give birth to a baby already addicted to a drug)

What are some side effects of stopping birth control pills?

a baby

What are health consequences of smoking during pregnancy?

The baby will be born with Low weight and Premature birth.

The effects smoking has on conception?

If you are trying to conceive it is said that smoking isn't good while trying for a baby for both of you. Smoking can slow down the process of conception by quite a lot, and it is said that people who smoke take a lot more time to conceive a child than a couple who dont smoke. I would reccommend you that if you do smoke to stop now in order to conceive as quickly as possible. I hope this helps

The dangers of smoking and drinking whlist pregnant?

It can hurt the development of the baby. Babies to smoking moms are often smaller at birth and develop slower than babies from non-smoking moms.

Should i quite smoking if im pregnant or will it put to much stress on a baby?

DEFINITELY QUIT SMOKING. smoking during pregnancy can cause low birth weight as well as severe birth defects. smoking is extremely harmful to fetuses, as it is to pregnant women, other adults, and children.