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I thin that it might seem anoying at first but hes only doing it because he really like or loves you. As long as nothing is dead, you're good to go. A little tough love never hurt anyone.

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Q: Is it okay for a guy being overly protective for a girl he like?
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Why do guys brag about girls they like?

Guys like to brag about girls they like because they feel protective of the girl and are competitive by nature. They feel the need to be competitive, but also to be protective of the girl. They are doing this by not letting "their" girl be undermined by another one.

What does a boy say and how does he act when he like a 10 year old girl?

If he is the same age as the girl, around ten like you said, he'll probably just act overly friendly to her. Sharing his things, being nice, "gentlemanly" gestures, things of the such.

What kind of peronality does edward have in twilight?

protective and loving . what girl wouldn't like that?

If a guy is protective of a girl would that be a sign that he likes and cares for her?

Oh yes, we do tend to be protective of the people whom we like and care about.

Is protective a mood?

Protective is not a mood; it is a state of being or behavior characterized by a desire to guard or shield someone or something from harm or danger. Moods are emotional states that are temporary and can change based on various factors.

Does Jaden Smith like Britain?

i dont see why not hes like what 12? i dont think hes overly picky with the girl he 'dates'

Is it normal for shy guys to feel nervous around a girl that they like?

as a girl, I think that's cute. I like shy guys than overly confident guys...these guys tend to be jerks.

Does jaden smith like Britain girls?

i dont see why not hes like what 12? i dont think hes overly picky with the girl he 'dates'

How do you make a girl spuirt?

If you're talking about a girl ejaculating when she comes (have you been watching too much porn?) then I'm afraid you're out of luck. She either does it, or she doesn't.If you find one that does, try not to make her feel like a weirdo by being overly interested in it (unless she wants you to be).

In the book Twilight why was Bella hidden by the others?

Bella is hidden because Edward is so overly protective of her. if she is ever hurt, the he would blame himself for not being aware enough. like in the book New Moon when he believes she is dead, he blames himself. and he can't "live" live that; without her.

Is being overly possessive a disorder?

I don't think it is a disorder, but that doesnt mean that its alright to be overly possessive. you should ask an expert, like a psycologist. Hope you find out and best of luck with everything!

Does seh in the five ancestors like hok?

No he just very protective over her because shes a girl but Charles like hok.