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No, try getting ankle support guards

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Q: Is it normal to have temporary pain in the ankle area when you are only 12?
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What is the Pishwas frocks?

Pishwas is a frock which is relatively long in length than a normal frock. It ends till the ankles. Only small area of tight pajama or churidar pajama is visible near ankle.

What does it mean when you have only one swollen ankle and it feels like there is extra tissue there?

That feeling is probably just excess fluid from a mild sprain. Press down the tissue of the swollen ankle with your finger, then do it to your other ankle. If the swollen ankle rebounds slower then the normal ankle, it's just a sprain. Elevate and ice it. If not, seek medical advice.

What is temporary storage area for only the last item cut or copied from a document?


The term leg in anatomy refers to what region between?

refers only to the area of the limb between the knee and the ankle

Temporary storage area for only the last item cut or copied from a document?

disc drive

Can you move your ankle if you break your toe?

Yes, only the toe is broken not the ankle.

Can orthopedic surgeon do ankle surgery?

Only orthopaedic surgeons do ankle surgery

What are the silent letters in the word ankle?

The letter E is the only silent letter in the word ankle.

What are the four bones that form the ankle joint?

There are only three bones that form the ankle joint. The tibia, the fibula and the talus make up the ankle.

How can you pervent yourself from spraining your ankle?

Either use an ankle bracing or only walk on smooth surfaces.

Do ankle weights stop your growth?

No, that's a myth. Weight training will not stunt your growth. However, that does not mean that it is advisable before the age of about 16. Then, lifting weights, when using correct form, should be beneficial. It is risky to do it any earlier unless one has expert coaching and supervision.

Why was Suzume from SHSP able to do sports the next day if she had broken her ankle?

That was a translation fail, she had only sprained her ankle