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Q: Is it normal for your Helix piercing to bleed a tiny bit?
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How come when you get a cut that's not on your vein you bleed?

Because the human body has billions of tiny capillaries that bleed as well.

What is the name of the tiny blood vessels that bleed if you cut your finger?

capillaries Capillary.

Do inchworms bleed?

Yes they can is a little tiny puddle of water on your finger.

Are nose piercing scars very noticeable?

It depends. If the piercing has migrated or had an advanced infection, then there can be significant scarring. If the piercing healed smoothly and has never had a problem, the scarring should be slim, like a tiny dot.

What is it like to get your ears pierced?

A quick sting that will leave tiny piercing hole in ur ear.

How many days before your period might a woman bleed a tiny bit?

2 or 3

What type of rash makes blotches of tiny blisters and feels like sharp piercing needles?


Small bumps inside the ear lobe new piercing 4 weeks ago?

This is normal. It's making a tunnel for the earring to go in. The bumps will get smaller as the hole heals. After a few years, you'll have to search for the bump. It will be very tiny.

Is it bad if your ear lobe hole starts to bleed a tiny bit?

no, just make sure to clean them

Does Nick Mara from iconic boyz have his ear piercing?

yes he got his ear pierced a tiny while ago

Is it normal to have sperm that look like tiny bubbles?


Do bees bleed?

Bee stings can bleed a tiny bit, but the main reaction is swelling and discomfort. Try not to scratch or pester the sting because that could lead to infection and quite a bit of bleeding.