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It depends. If the piercing has migrated or had an advanced infection, then there can be significant scarring. If the piercing healed smoothly and has never had a problem, the scarring should be slim, like a tiny dot.

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Q: Are nose piercing scars very noticeable?
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How do you clean your nose with a nose piercing?

If the piercing is recent, very carefully, once it is healed, you can clean it as usual.

What hurts worse nipples or nose piercing?

Nipple piercing. Nipples are very sensitive would you want to have a needle shoved in your tit?

Does getting your spectrum pierced hurt?

A septum piercing is a type of nose piercing. The cartilage is not pierced but the gap between the bottom of the nose and cartilage is. Many have said that it does not hurt very much, but everyone's tolerance is different.

Can you cover a lip piercing?

No, but you can buy a retainer which will make it less noticeable.

How risky is getting a nose piercing?

Not very risky at all. Nose piercings are very common and a reputable piercer will have had quite a bit of experience with them placement wise. Of course, be sure to go to a sanitary shop and to clean your piercing correctly to avoid infection and the contraction of Hep or HIV in the shop.

Can you put anything on the inside of your freshly pierced fishtail nose stud to support it?

You have to keep this piercing very clean, to prevent infection,so you should not put anything in your nose.

Do eyebrow piercings leave scars?

All piercings have the ability to leave scars. The probability that a piercing will cause a scar does go up on the facial area because of the skin being more sensitive, especially around the mouth. If the piercings are removed while there is no sign of infection, and they are fully healed, there should be very very minor scars, almost like a dot at the area of piercing.

What is worse a nose piercing or a tattoo?

In my opinion both are pretty bad. First of all, nose piercing may go wrong and you may get some minor infections where the nose piercing is, and sometimes it may feel completely weird and unnatural. Secondly some people cannot pull it off wearing a nose piercing and getting away with out being criticized. Getting a tattoo is a very bad thing to do. If your tattoo gets messed up or you regret having that tattoo(I have a sister who got a tattoo she didn't want for a few years). Then you'd have to use some type of laser removal to remove the tattoo which is a very big amount of money.

After a cartilage piercing can you go on a 4 hour aeroplane?

NO! this is very unsafe! The air pressure will cause your nose to explode and fall off!

Is it safe to swim 2 days after a nose piercing?

I wouldn't. The chemicals in the pool can dry out the piercing and the germs leave it more open to infection. If you're going to do it, make sure you clean it very well afterwards.

Where to purchase matching HIS and HERS nose rings?

The best place to purchase nose rings would be a tattoo parlor with a trained piercing technician. The quality of this jewelry is generally very high and there is often a large variety.

Are crooked septum piercings normal?

Septum piercings are the hardest piercing to get straight, and you'll almost never get a completely one. If it's very noticeable, go back and get it redone somewhere else.