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Q: Is it common to have increased sex drive before a period should start?
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During inflation period tax rates should be increased or decreased?


How common is breast soreness the week before your period is expected?

It can be a fairly common side-effect, unless its unbearable it should be fine.

Should the Period be before or after parenthesis?


Does a period or comma come before the footnote?

A period should come before the footnote at the end of a sentence, while a comma should not.

When should you get your period after you had your baby?

Well you should have your period before you have your baby .So the baby can be good when you deliver.

How many days before my period should you get cramps?

The time that cramps start vary with everyone. Some get them days before their period while others get them the day of their period.

Does soda pop bring on your period before you should get it?


If you take the pill the day before your period will it still come?

Yes you should still have your normal period.

Should you try getting pregnant before or after your period?

no but if you do your baby can die

If a fertilized egg does not implant when should you expect your period?

you should expect it on the day it suppose to come on.. Implantation happens a week before your if it didn't happen you got til when your period should come on.

When is the latest a girl should get her period?

well it depends if its not before 15 you SHOULD ask a doctor

Can having a cold delay your period?

No, if you have had a cold at the time of ovulation it can then delay cycle but a common cold should not delay you period