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Q: Is it better to run with a waist trimmer?
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Do you wear a waist trimmer belt all the time?

24/7 n to bed

Where can one find a waist trimmer?

Walmart, Target, and Amazon all have waist trimmers that are available for purchase or to order. Amazon has the widest selection out of the listed stores.

Why would a straight trimmer be better then a curved trimmer?

Straight trimmers give you more reach and have more power for cutting tall weeds. Curved trimmers are better for tight spaces.

Does sleeping with a waist trimmer trim your waist?

Many proponents of waist training suggest wearing a waist trainer for 8 or more hours a day. Some even recommend sleeping in one. Their justification for wearing one overnight is that the additional hours in the waist trainer maximize waist training benefits.

What features does the Andis Excel Hair Trimmer that the Oster Hair Trimmer may not have?

Users reported that the Andis Excel two speed hair trimmer is not as loud as the Oster hair trimmer. It is more quiet and it fits better in your hand. Users said that the Oster trimmer was heavy and more difficult to hold.

Can you wear waist trimmer belt to bed?

i wear mine to bed sometimes, but mines is not a electric one. i wouldn't advice you too, if it an electric one.

Do you get a better trimmer the more money you spend on it?

Usualy that is the case but better is more horse power.

How much does a paper trimmer cost?

If one is wanting to purchase a paper trimmer they come in a wide range of sizes and qualities. One can purchase a small paper trimmer for a low cost of about $35 but for a better and higher quality paper trimmer one could pay about $800.

Is it better to use an eyebrow trimmer than to wax?

Waxing is much faster and they are both equally safe. If you are going to use a trimmer that is better when it is a smaller area or just a few spots you want to touch up.

Does a waist trimmer really work?

The waist trimmers tend to work if accompanied with a strict diet and other strenghth and conditioning excersises. They work by concentrating body heat to your core thus providing the extra "burn" of calories in the mid section.

What is better for the environment an electric trimmer o a gas one?

That is a good question. It would seem that the electrical trimmer may appear to save the environment, from the harmful effects of the fossils fuel powered trimmers. But remember that the electricity to power the electric trimmer has to be created from somewhere. So to run the trimmer some where a power plant (for the majority of the nation) is burning coal to create the electricity to power the trimmer. So by using the electricity you are just exporting the pollution some where else. Between the two there is no real difference pollution wise from either one. The question then goes to which one will last you longer. I would go with the one that is most convenient for you and will last the longest. The less you have to replace your trimmer the less damage you will inflict on the environment.

How much does a nose and ear trimmer cost on Amazon?

A nose and ear trimmer on Amazon can cost anywhere from $13 to $30, and is often a corded device however more and more are run on batteries. Some common names of nose and ear trimmer machines are from Phillips, Sonic, and Groom Mate.