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· I agree that cheating can come in multiple forms and is about receiving/giving something you would normally get from your mate.

I think it's important also that both people be on the same page as to what they feel is cheating, if the views are drastically different such as those outlined in your Twitter debate.

Myself, I don't think flirting is wrong, if it's done tastefully and with good intentions. Just recently I went to dinner with friends & was told I was flirting with the waiter. But I had no idea I was flirting with him. I thought I was just busting his chops... and I would have done so with a female waitress also, just to break the ice and get them to laugh.

A good rule of thumb for me is (and of course this is in a healthy relationship, not one in which you fear interacting with any men because your dude would go nuts) if you can't tell your mate about it or wouldn't want them to find out, it's not kosher. I didn't tell my dude about the waiter, but if it was ever brought up, I wouldn't have any shame because I didn't do anything to lead the guy on or anything that violated my commitment.

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Q: Is it better to fail than to pass by cheating?
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