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Q: Is it bad to put salt water in your nose?
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Is it a good idea to wash eyes in salt water?

No. Never put salt in your eyes, it is very bad for them.

How to clear sinuses?

A bowl of steaming hot water and salt, put your face over it and breath in through your nose

Instructions on making salt water?

put salt in the water

What to do if an eye drop is put on nose?

Nothing much; eye drops are generally just salt water. If it bothers you, dry it off with a tissue or towel.

What happen to bromine when you put it in water?

Bromine is salt mixed with water so when you put it in water its just more water with salt in :)

Why do you put salt in with boiling water and vegetables?

It is commonplace to put salt in water when boiling most foods. The reason why you put salt in with boiling water and vegetables is to help them retain moisture.

How do you dissolve salt?

Put salt in water and stir; salt is very soluble.

How would you take care of a salt water fish at home?

put it in salt water

What happens to water movement when you put salt in soil?

Water dissolve and transport salt.

How bad does it hurt to put ice in your hand and add salt?

really bad

When you put salt water into tap water which one sinks?

Salt water as it is more dense than water.

Why don't some people eat salt?

Salt is put in some pools in order for the water to interact with a chlorine generator. a salt water pool produces chlorine automatically while it is running