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Q: Is foot binding the same as plastic surgery?
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Is plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery the same?

Yes they are the same just plastic surgery has added silicon which can be easily removed.

Are implants and plastic surgeries the same thing?

Implants are a type of plastic surgery. But not all plastic surgery involves implants.

Is labiaplasty or labial reduction or labial beautification and labial reduction are same type of plastic surgery?

Yes. They All Are Same Type Of Plastic Surgery !!!

Similarities in plastic surgery and comsetic surgery?

They mean the same thing, although plastic surgery will sometimes be referred to as reconstructive surgery (procedures that corrects defects on the face or body) as well.

Are plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons the same thing?

No. Although a person can be both a plastic and a cosmetic surgeon, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are not the same. Cosmetic surgery is generally designed for enhancement of looks to fit some ideal. Plastic surgery generally focuses on reconstruction of parts of the body. There is overlap between the two fields.

Did Ren from nu'est get plastic surgery?

No he did not get plastic surgery because when you see his pre debut picture and right now they look almost the same .

What is the most common elective surgery in the US?

It is Plastic surgery only in usa But in Myhugepenis it is the same.

How do you increase woman breast?

It can be possible through cosmetic or plastic surgery (both are same).

Did Nichkhun have plastic surgery?

Nope. He never did. You can look at his past photos and he looks the same :)

Are Patent Binding and Perfect Binding the same?

Yes, patent binding, perfect binding and adhesive binding are the same thing.

What are some of the drawbacks of male plastic surgery?

The drawbacks or disadvantages of plastic surgery are the same for both males and females. There are always the chances of one getting an infection, slow healing, complications or imperfect results.

Did k pop idols have plastic surgery?

The truth is that in Korea plastic surgery is not such a big deal. I red that it's usual for young girls to receive on their 18th anniversary plastic surgery as a gift. There are some artist which have done plastic surgery, like Lee Minho, a Korean actor, or Tiffany from SNSD and Park Bom from 2ne1. But there are also idols which haven't done this, like BB's members, or Bi Rain. It depends on the idol if he has done or not plastic surgery. You can't put all of them in the same category.