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Implants are a type of plastic surgery. But not all plastic surgery involves implants.

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Q: Are implants and plastic surgeries the same thing?
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Will a plastic surgeon do multiple elective surgeries on the same person in the same day to cut costs?

A plastic surgeon may perform multiple elective surgeries on the same person in a day, not only to cut costs for both the patient and themselves, but also because it may be easier on the patient in a recovery standpoint. With not having to pay multiple anesthesiology fees, lab fees, and the like, the patient can save thousands. The plastic surgeon will take into effect the type of surgeries that he is performing however, and multiple major surgeries would not be performed in the same day.

Does polyester repel water better than plastic shower curtain liner?

polyester is the same thing as plastic. plastic is a type of polyester so it is still the same thing. polyester does repel water the same way plastic does too. plastic and polyester repel water equally

Is there a difference between a saline implant and a silicone implant if its the same cc?

The size of breast implants is defined in cc. Therefore two implants with the same specified cc must be the same size, regardless of the type of implants they are. However, breast implants with the same specified size do not necessarily have the same shape.

Is plastic siding cheeper than vinyl siding?

There the same thing. Vinyl siding is a PVC plastic resin siding.

What is the difference between thermal plastic and thermoplastic?

it's just the same thing

What does it mean when greyson chance says he like's a girl that's not fake?

My guess is that he means the same thing most guys mean when they say that; Meaning no fake looks (such as breasts, and any other plastic surgeries and sometimes hair dying as well), but also a fake personality like pretending to be someone she isn't.

What is eyebrow implants?

Eyebrow implants follow the same general guidelines as hair implants. They add volume and fill in gaps where hair is thin on your eyebrows. You get instant results.

How do plastic surgeons enlarge naturally large breasts?

well they do the same operation as enlarging someones breasts if they were small too. I know of 3 different methods to enlarge breasts. Silicone implants. Saline implants. A piece of your abdomen moved up from around your belly, under the skin, to the breast area.

How are dental implants in Budapest?

They are the same as anywhere else

What does it mean if one has immediate implants?

If one has immediate implants it means that they had implants placed the same day as the tooth removal procedure. They are one of the best solutions for missing teeth.

On a 1999 Ford Taurus 6 cylinder is rad cap and filler cap the same thing?

It is not the same thing. Filler cap is on the plastic overflow tank with the plastic flip over cap. The rad cap is a pressure cap on the radiator and it is made of metal and it unscrews

How long does a silicone breast implant last?

Breast implants are not meant to last a lifetime. Many women are out there who have had breast implants for as long as twenty years and they remia as pleased with them as the day that they were done. Of course, as the body gets older the breasts tend to drop, even with implants. At sometime in the future you may want them changed purely for cosmetic purposes. In some cases this second operation is accompanied by a breast uplift at the same time as changing the implants. Its always a good idea to visit your Plastic Surgeon periodically so that your breasts can be checked to make sure that the implants are intact.