Is femdom good

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Good, if you have it upto an extent.

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Q: Is femdom good
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What is a femdom?

The term femdom can be used to mean a dominant female, or a dominatrix.

Is femdom a reality?

Femdom is a reality for a small segment of society who choose to pursue this life style either on a full time bases, or as an activity limited to a few hours at a time. Femdom in pornography is a business attempting to supply a mark demand for this type of product.

Do woman use condoms?

yes,thats what we call femdom.

What kind of role-playing is there in femdom?

There are many types you may experiment with in femdom my favorite is layplay also known as carrot play if you dont know what this is you may want to post another question.

What does the word femdom stand for?

Femdom stands for "female dominance". This term is generally used in BDSM relationships and scenes. 30% of participants in BDSM activities are female. They are called mistress, domina, dominatrix.

How do you stop thinking about femdom?

ez, just control your self, women are stupid and they always will be

Is femdom real or are women stronger than men?

Femdom is just a sexual fetish. Nothing more. It has nothing to do with physical strength. Technically though, women are more RESILIENT than men, simply because their bodies can put up with more.

Is femdom gay?

Femdom (female dominance) refers to a particular style of BDSM relationship in which a female takes on a dominant role. The sexual orientation of the individuals involved in femdom can vary, so it is not specifically "gay" unless both individuals are of the same sex and identify as such.

Why women do femdom?

Women may engage in femdom for a variety of reasons such as exploring power dynamics, expressing dominance or control, fulfilling sexual fantasies, or simply enjoying the role play aspect. It allows individuals to explore their desires and boundaries in a consensual and safe way.

Can you find a femdom in Bangalore?

No. It is just an illusion, it is just an exaggeration. It is just a category of porn available on the net. Things like that are not done by real people in real life.

What is femdom?

Femdom is the acronym for female domination, also Female Dominant. Femdom is about the empowerment of the woman. For absolutely no reason other than the simple fact that she was born Woman. When a slave, submissive, or masochist of either gender offer the woman the title of "Mistress", a.k.a. "Femdom"; she is empowered with certain rights and privileges that are outside the bounds and constraints that mainstream society have placed upon her as an ordinary woman. These rights and privileges are hers, and hers alone, and may not be bought, sold, shared, or traded. The person offering this title consents by free will to submit, and obey the will and whim of the "Mistress". First of all Femdom is neither S&M, nor is it B&D. It is about the wants, needs, and desires of the woman who now rightfully owns the title of "Mistress". However once a woman has been offered the title of mistress, and she has accepted it. It does becomes her right and privilege to beat, humiliate and degrade her slave as if it were S&M or B&D. Now, because Femdom is by the very core of it's nature, and that nature being, as I have stated above. Is all about the womans' wants, need, and desires. It is also about the womans' orgasm. So it is the womans' right and privilege to expect, or otherwise require that her slave will provide for her orgasm upon her slightest whim, and that her slave will keep her, the Mistress, very well supplied with an infinite number of orgasm. Please note, how and in what manner is of her choosing never the slaves'. The "Mistress", the woman, has the right and privilege to do all these things with no expectation or obligation to reciprocate in any like kind manner. As well as having no need to ask anything of her slave. She commands or at the very least she tells her slave what she wants, but never asking, and has every right to expect nothing less than submission and the obedience of her slave. She also has no obligation what so ever to explain herself to her slave. However there is one thing the "Mistress" must do, and it is absolutely inexcusable to not do so at any time. With power comes the burden of responsibility. That thing that she must do, is to respect her slave hard limits, and of coarse she may hospitalize the slave. In closing this is my definition of What is "Femdom" and I am not a definitive source on this subject. Also the one thing that you should never find, ever, at any time, anywhere in Femdom is a Male-dom. "Femdom" is all about the empowerment of the woman, and the submission of and man, sometimes the submissive may be female. It is never about the the empowerment of the male over the woman.

Why men like femdom?

First and foremost not all men like Femdom. Those that do seek the escape of responsibility, of being in control, of being in power. It is about being helpless and at her mercy, of being used by her. Even being abused by her. Being told what to do. That is what it maybe for some. Personally I don't think that I can really say why. I am drawn to a femdom yes even sexually attracked to her and her powerfulness. When she stands up to me and shows no fear or of being intimidated by me, that is very exciting, Even compelled by some need to submit the her.