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ez, just control your self, women are stupid and they always will be

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Q: How do you stop thinking about femdom?
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What is a femdom?

The term femdom can be used to mean a dominant female, or a dominatrix.

Is femdom good?

Good, if you have it upto an extent.

Is femdom a reality?

Femdom is a reality for a small segment of society who choose to pursue this life style either on a full time bases, or as an activity limited to a few hours at a time. Femdom in pornography is a business attempting to supply a mark demand for this type of product.

What song contains the lyrics can't stop thinking about you can't stop thinking about you?

"I can't stop thinking about you" by Steve Moakler

What do you have to do to stop thinking about owls?

In order to stop thinking of owls, you must stop playing the Game.

Do woman use condoms?

yes,thats what we call femdom.

When was Can't Stop Thinking About You created?

Can't Stop Thinking About You was created in 1975.

How can you stop laughing about Tom Jones?

stop thinking about Wayne Newton Engelbert Humperdinck and Tom Jones

What kind of role-playing is there in femdom?

There are many types you may experiment with in femdom my favorite is layplay also known as carrot play if you dont know what this is you may want to post another question.

What does the word femdom stand for?

Femdom stands for "female dominance". This term is generally used in BDSM relationships and scenes. 30% of participants in BDSM activities are female. They are called mistress, domina, dominatrix.

Do people ever stop thinking?

you can stop thinking but it is very hard.Very few people can do it

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