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True .

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Q: Is ethanol the active principle in intoxicating drinks?
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Is ethanol the active ingredient in intoxicating drinks?


Is ethanol the active principal the active intoxicant in intoxicating drinks?


One who abstains from intoxicating drinks?

A teetotaler.

What type drinks does ethanol come in?

all alcoholic drinks contain ethanol

What are three uses for ethanol?

Ethanol is commonly used as a biofuel in vehicles as an alternative to gasoline. It is used as a solvent in industries such as pharmaceuticals, perfumes, and cosmetics. Ethanol is also utilized in alcoholic beverages for its intoxicating effects.

What are the four main uses of alcohol?

Alcohol is used in intoxicating drinks. It also has uses as a chemical, when it may be referred to as ethanol. It is a good fuel, used as an alternative to petrol. It is an important solvent in chemical industry. It is also a feedstock for making other chemicals such as ethene.

What are names of drinks?


What does chronic ethanolism mean?

It means you have a drinking problem and you need to ween down so you don't die from the withdraw. With good therapy to help you cope with what made you drink like a fish in the first place. Short version ; your addicted to alcohol.

Is ethanol an oxidising gas?

No, ethanol is a liquid. It's the 'alcohol' that is the principal component in alcoholic drinks such as wine, beer and spirits.

What is the effective ingredients in alcohol drinks?

Ethyl alcohol (ethanol), C6H5OH.

What is miscible ethanol and water or water and oil?

Ethanol and water are miscible. Think of alcoholic drinks, the alcohol and water do not form separate layers.

How did they become poisonous?

a small amount of ethanol [ C2H5OH] is added in drinks .......but when methyl alcohol i.e. CH3OH added to it the drinks become poisonous .