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no. it is actually very healthy. Oranges contain a lot of vitamin c, and it is not going to make you fat if you eat two or three a day.

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Q: Is eating 2 or 3 oranges a day fattening?
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Joe bought a bag of oranges on Monday and ate a third of them On Tuesday he ate half of the remaining oranges On Wednesday he looked in the bag to find he only had two oranges left How many oranges we?

He had 6 oranges to start with, and ate 2 the first day and 2 the second day.

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No one has yet set that record, however there is a record for the fastest time to peel and eat three oranges. That record is peeling and eating three oranges in 2 min and 30 seconds.

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How much are 2 dozen of oranges today?

2 dozen of oranges = 24 oranges.

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If there are five oranges at the store and you take away three how many oranges do you have?

2 oranges. 5-3=2

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2 oranges

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