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Of course the more water you drink the better! Sodas and alochol makes it worse. Also you can buy special mouthwash at the drug store that will help.

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Q: Is dry mouth curable and if so how?
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Why is your mouth dry?

Your mouth gets dry when enough fluids are not taken.. so try and drink more. Water is the best option!

If you chew gum you can stop the dry mouth is that OK?

the cause of dry mouth could be a couple different things. One if you have alot of fillings then that could cause dry mouth so gum will help but not take it away. Also if you are dehydrated you could have dry mouth. Drink plenty of water and that could help with the dry mouth. Hope this helps.

What is a sentence with the word dry in it?

My mouth is so dry, I could really do with some water :)

Why does your mouth get dry?

Your mouth gets dry when there's no liquid running through it, so when you don't swallow for a long time, there's no saliva for your mouth to have liquid going through it.

What is siliver mainly used for?

so your mouth doesnt get dry

Can to much saliva dry your mouth?

if you drink it it wont wet ur mouth so yes and noo

Why does morphine give you a dry mouth?

why do morphine give me dry mouth

What is the medical word for dry mouth?

xerostomia, lit. dry mouth condition from xero- meaning "dry" + -stom- meaning "mouth or opening" + -ia meaning "condition". [For memory association purposes for -xero-, Xerox is a dry ink printing technique.]

Does a person get dry mouth from smoking crack?

A person may get dry mouth from smoking crack. People also get dry mouth from smoking a lot of Marijuana.

How is dry mouth treated?

treatment of dry mouth involves the management of the condition causing it. If dry mouth is caused by medication, the medication should be changed. If dry mouth is caused by blockage of the salivary ducts, the cause of the blockage should be investigated

Does dry mouth kill the most bacteria?

Dry mouth does not necessarily kill the most bacteria. Saliva helps to naturally wash away bacteria in the mouth, so having dry mouth can actually lead to an increase in bacteria. Maintaining good oral hygiene practices such as brushing and flossing regularly is important for reducing bacteria in the mouth.

How do you avoid dry mouth?

Treating dry mouth depends on the condition that is causing it. Generally, dry mouth treatment consists of managing the medical condition causing the dry mouth, increasing saliva flow and preventing tooth decay.Further info can be found at the link