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Crystal meth is supposed to be the second worst, but ecstasy is the worst. o.0

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Q: Is crystal meth one of the most deadly drug?
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Crystal meth and no sleep?

Some types of the drug keep even the most experienced users awake for 12 or more hours.

What is the most convincing substittutute for crystal meth?


What is the most dangerous illegal drug in the world?


What is the most addicting drug?

meth and crack cocane

Why is Ritalin on the Drug Enforcement Agency's top ten list of most often stolen prescription drugs?

Because it is basically prescription Crystal Meth, or that's what I hear anyway.

How much does crystal meth cost on the street?

In order to enjoy the benefit of your purchase, most drug sellers make it cheap because economic problems. and cause im g

What prescription drugs will show as methamphetamine in a urine drug test?

Desoxyn WILL show up as meth in a urine test because it is meth. Most of the drugs that throw false positives for meth are OTC preparations that contain pseudoephedrine, the drug meth is made from.

Which drug is the most commonly used illegal substance in the United States?

Marijuana is definitely the most widely used illegal drug in the US. Marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug.

Can you pass your drug test 5days after you snort crystal meth?

Can you? Yes! Will you for sure? not necessarily. There are different types of drug tests, and each has its own level of sensitivity. Most urine tests will only detect amphetamines, including methamphetamine (crystal meth), amphetamine/ dextroamphetamine (adderall) and MDMA/MDA (Ecstasy), for a few (1-3) days after use. Much of this also depends on your personal physiology. Being thin, active, drinking a lot of water and not supplying the first urination of the day for the test sample will increase your likelihood of testing negative after use. The best way of testing negative for crystal meth is not to do crystal meth in the first place.

What causes people to take cystal meth?

They think that it will be fun and cool, but it is really a very addictive, deadly, and un-cool drug that kills most of the people who take it. Sometimes peer pressure also contributes.

The second most drug that is found in crashes?

i say either meth or heroine

Is Crystal Meth stimulant?

Yes it is a stimulant. In fact is is widely regarded as the world's most powerful stimulant