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It is probably not something to worry about ingesting in small quantities. It is a cooking ingredient that is used in food so it is probably safe if you don't over do it.

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Q: Is chewing cloves bad for health after give up smoking?
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Can you give me a sentence using the word detrimental?

Smoking tobacco can be detrimental to your health.

Can you give me a sentence for the word deterioration?

Smoking can lead to the deterioration of one's health.

Can chewing one piece of gum give you cancer?

A) We don't tend to 'eat' chewing gum, we generally just chew it and then dispose of it. B) Smoking affects you - seriously - no matter what else you may be doing. I don't think that the dangers you face from smoking are lessened, or increased, by chewing gum at the same time. If the gum is a Nicotine Gum, as used by people trying to quit smoking, then you are increasing the dosage of nicotine that your body is getting. Nicotine is highly poisonous.

What happens while pregnant and smoking cigarettes?

The fetus will be harmed and certainly will be born with health problems. Quit smoking and give the most valuable gift to your future baby: THE HEALTH.

Can smoking pot give you pimples?

No, it would more likely improve your skin health.

Why are people being encouraged to give up smoking?

Smocking is very bad for you health and lungs

How do you reduce smoking?

Go to your family doctor. He/she can give you a prescription for some medication to help reduce the smoking. They also now make a type of chewing gum that will help it. You can usually find it at any drugstore or 24-hour mart.

What are the negative health effects of smoking marijuana?

the negative effects are it give you a dry mouth and its not a premanet high

Why people like giving up smoking?

Like is possibly the wrong word to use here but most people give up smoking for health and financial reasons.

What are health hazards of smoking?

Smoking can kill off your brain cells, give you lung cancer, darken your teeth, make your finger nails yellow, give you horrible breath and limit your life span the more you smoke.

Does chewing tobacco give a false DNA test?

No. Chewing tobacco does not give a false DNA test.

How to stop smoking cigarettes quickly?

Contacting your normal health care provider will give you open options. Your physician can provide you with a stop smoking plan that fits you needs. But it is recommended to quit cold turkey.