Is birdo good or bad

Updated: 4/28/2022
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She is bad

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Q: Is birdo good or bad
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Is Birdo bad?

im pretty sure not, because why would a good guy go out with a bad guy? i also think birdo is good however in a couple of games she is part of bowsers troop so its possible that she left bowsers side like wario did as well

Who is Yoshi and who is birdo?

Yoshi is a dinosaur in Mario games and birdo is a bad guy in Mario games MANY PEOPLE THINK THAT THEY LOVE EACH OTHER ok? Sorry Good luck :)

Who does birdo from Mario have a crush on?

Birdo loves Yoshi

What do you do to get black birdo in mario super sluggers?

There is no black birdo.

Is birdo a male or female?

Birdo's gender has been switched from male to female over the years, but I think Birdo is better of as a female because she has a relationship with Yoshi. But, if Birdo is actually a boy, then both he and Yoshi are considered gay. But, I truly believe Birdo's a girl.

Do Yoshi and birdo ever kiss?

Birdo and Yoshi are neither family-related nor lovers.

Is birdo a boy?

Yes! Birdo is a masculine figure of manly and non-feminine handsomeness. She-Ahem, He is quite a man. Yoshi is a weirdo to not know this. Birdo represents our muscular leadership of all mankind,and he's the man! If you see a picture of Birdo kissing Yoshi... this is very awkward. Actually, it's completely normal and straight.* *Note: Good children should not believe me.

How do you unlock birdo on Mario Kart ds?

You dont have Birdo on that game.

Can you ride birdo in new Super Mario Brothers Wii?

No, birdo isn't in this game. There are four different colored yoshi's you can ride, but no birdo.

Who would win in a fight- Princess Daisy or Birdo?

based on the way I've seen Birdo get physical, and how much she hates Daisy, she'll kick her butt! Birdo is extremely strong! Don't let her cute looks fool you! I've chosen her as my favorite. She's really good.

How old is baby birdo?

He is 1, Birdo is 11 taller than yoshi

What animal is birdo?

Birdo is like Yoshi and probably the girl version of Yoshi.