Is being stubborn bad

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Not always

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Q: Is being stubborn bad
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Is it good to be stubborn?

Being stubborn can sometimes be seen as a negative trait because it may prevent you from being open to new ideas and perspectives. However, in certain situations, being stubborn can also show determination and resilience. It's important to strike a balance and know when to be flexible and when to stand your ground.

Is hard headed a bad word?

No. Just means stubborn.

Is stubborn a bad word?

No. Stubborn means that you hold your position in the face of reason. That would never be a quality.

How do you solve truly stubborn quest in aq worlds?

By being equally stubborn.

A Sentence With The Word stubborn?

The child was stubborn about not eating the spinach. The stubborn bolt was not going to come loose. He was only being stubborn, but it annoyed a lot of the team.

Which is analogy for obedient -dog bad stubborn or whip?

Obedient is to dog as stubborn is to whip.

How do you make a sentence with the word stubborn?

The mule's reputation for being stubborn is well-earned. I'm having a bit of trouble with untying this stubborn knot.

Which is the most stubborn animal in the world?

The Mule has a reputation for being stubborn, hence the saying "Stubborn as a mule"

What is traditionally know for being obstinate?


What are Hestia bad personality traits?

To come to think of it I don't think that she has a bad personality trait except for being a bit stubborn or determined. But then again it could be a good thing too.

What does Taylor swift like about her favorite song?

She likes that it is a song about being stubborn, and describes herself as somewhat stubborn to.

How would you use the word stubborn in a sentence?

I tried to convince my mom to buy me a kitten, but she was being stubborn about it and said no.