Is beauty a curse

Updated: 9/6/2023
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Beauty? of course not! beauty is a gift and you r very lucky to have it!! many people dream of being pretty their whole lives! don't listen to what your friends or mind is telling you. listen to your heart. I hope this helped you!

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Is beauty, is a beast?

if your beautiful are you a beast?

my opinion is if your beautiful and humble about it (you also do take the time to complement other people),you don't wallow your time away in front of a mirror, or feel the need to wear makeup just to go to the grocery store and you never disclude people not a beautiful as your self. You are a True beauty.

If you think your self so high over other people and do the opposite of above than maybe you are a beast.

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Q: Is beauty a curse
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Who cast the curse on Sleeping Beauty?


Why did Malificent curse Sleeping Beauty?


Is Beauty boon or Bane?

It can be both a blessing (boon) and a curse (bane).

What were the 3 wishes given to Sleeping Beauty by flora fauna and merryweather?

gift of beauty gift of song weakens the curse

What is the conclusion of the Sleeping Beauty?

Sleeping Beauty ends when the Prince kills Maleficent and releases the curse on the girl with a loving kiss.

Did Sleeping Beauty drink poision?

No, Sleeping Beauty was cursed by a wicked fairy when she was born. The curse was that she would prick her finger on a spindle on her sixteenth birthday and die. But a good fairy altered the curse so that the princess would only fall asleep instead of dieing. So it was a curse, not poison.

What good fairy changed death curse to deep sleep in Sleeping Beauty?

Merryweather .

What is the plot of Sleeping Beauty?

In the plot of Sleeping Beauty, Sleeping Beauty's jealous stepmother places a curse on a spindle so that, if Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger on it, she will sleep for 100 years. Later, a prince awakens her with a kiss.

What is the difference between Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella?

Sleeping beauty was royalty and was put under a curse. Cinderella lived with her wicked stepmother and went to a ball.

Why does Carabose in Sleeping Beauty place a curse on Briar Rose?

carabose places a curse on briar rose because her parents promised carabose gold but failed so in return she put a curse on briar rose.Hope that helped.

Who put the curse over Medusa?

Athena, because Medusa was bragging about her beauty, when Athena was the most beautiful godess. :)

What Fairy tale has a wicked fairy?

Sleeping Beauty. There is three good fairies, and an evil one, who eventually gives the princess a curse.