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A curved penis can satisfy a woman as much as any other penis. As long as you can get it in, and can do your thing, then you can satisfy her. Girls are more satisfied by how you use your penis than the length or straightness of it.

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Q: Is a curve penis satisfy a women?
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Can you satisfy a women by a 5 inch penis?

A man can satisfy women with a 5 inch penis.

What is smallest size penis will not satisfy a women?

One inch . . . maybe.

Whether you can satisfy the women with an uncircumcised penis?

All women are different. Some women like uncircumcised, some like circumcised.

5 inch penis can satisfy the women fully?

No. It really needs to be about 6 inches or more

How long should a penis be to satisfy a women?

As most people have an average length then that is probably the best size to be.

How does woman satisfy hereself if she does not have intercourse with her husband for a long time is it right to do on her own?

She finds herself a man, with a large penis, who loves to satisfy married women and is very discreet.

Your penis is very small2.1 inches when erect.can you satisfy a women?

yes you can it doesnt always matter about how long just how thick

What would cause a males penis to curve down?

Curved penises are a turn on for some women. Not quite answering your question, just sayin...

What is an acnode?

An acnode is an isolated point which isn't on a curve, but whose co-ordinates satisfy the equation of the curve so that it would belong to the curve if extended.

What is your idea for the perfect size penis to satisfy you women only please?

I don't have an idea for a perfect size penis to satisfy a women. Its how you work it that matter. Not necessarily "huge", but of good size, both thick (1.75" is ideal) and long (6" to 8"). There is more sensation and a feeling of fullness. It is also very erotic to feel a penis deep where no penis has gone before. The "G" Spot is getting more action with a long thick penis stroking in and out. There is also less fallout with hard and fast thrusting so the mood doesn't get broken.

When does the penis start to curve after how many years after puberty?

Most penises do not curve, and they do not start to curve after any certain age.

Does a male penis curve with certain types of disease?

it can do but when you get an erection its normal for it to curve in any direction