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The word on the street is that they are swingers. He is that is. I follow him on Twitter and noticed someone asked him about it and the question was ignored.

I guess he can flap his lips about everything else BUT that!

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Q: Is Penn Jillette in a committed relationship with his wife?
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Is Emily Jillette the current wife of Penn Jillette?

Emily Zolten Jillette is the current wife of magician Penn Jillette.

What are the sexual orientations of Penn and Teller?

Teller has never confirmed his sexuality, but is widely speculated that he is gay. Penn Jillette seems to be heterosexual, and has a wife and two children.

Is penn jillette faithful to his wife?

He has not spoken openly about any infidelity to his wife, but does comment frankly on the attractiveness of both men and women. He may express a certain level of interest in them sexually, but this does not mean he has acted upon these impressions.

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